Welcome to A-C-E

The Association of Commonwealth Enterprises [A-C-E] is a mature and well-respected PvP focussed nullsec corporation. We have a multinational player base, have fun in all timezones and pride ourselves on the great community we have built over the years.

PvP Capability
As you can see from the killboard, our PvP capabilities speak for themselves. We have proven ourselves more than ready willing and able, often sitting near the top of the alliance killboard. Experienced and capable FCs and pilots have built our reputation and ensure that you will never be lacking in PvP. From roams, home defense, CTAs, small gangs to massive fleets, from frigates to our impressive capital fleet, we have PvP covered.

Industrial Capability
Our industrial and logistics wing is first class. Our industrial heft is thanks to our small team of miners, carrier and freighter pilots all working in an orchestrated effort with access to great 0.0 systems for PI and minerals.

Corporation Culture
Not every EVE corporation makes it, in fact most do not. ACE has thrived through our leadership, managed size and our family-style atmosphere. We relax, work together, shoot the breeze and have fun. ACE is like a family. As much as we screw around and on occasion, curse and drink like sailors, when it comes time for serious business we are highly organized, professional and committed.

What we want in a recruit:

  • be active and participate in corp/alliance life and comms in 0.0 with the corp
  • be informed, act responsibly and uphold the corp goals/values
  • be willing to fight to defend our space and achieve corp/alliance goals
  • to have trained or be willing to train appropriate PVP skills - 2M skill point minimum
  • be willing to undertake training as directed to meet doctrines
  • be willing to learn and work together with your mentor and corp
  • be friendly, helpful and constructive
  • combat capital ownership is valued
  • FC experience is well regarded
  • self-sufficiency is respected
  • immature/aggressive/anti-social types need not apply - we keep our home a pleasant one

What we offer:

  • camaraderie and a place to belong
  • organized corp/alliance PvP
  • corp mentoring for new players to get you settled in
  • participation in some of the biggest and best fleet fights in the game
  • PVP ship subsidy program
  • access to 0.0 planets, belts and anomalies
  • ACE Capitals (Capital Construction)
  • Alt corp for non-PVP characters
  • and more...

Corp Fees and Taxes
Our corporation fees and taxes help cover corp POS and logistics costs, hull subsidies and provide many other benefits to members.

  • Monthly fees are 30M isk per player (not per toon) paid on the 1st of the month. Productive alts are free.
  • Taxes are an additional 10% on ratting and mining, varied occasionally for corp OPs.

For new members to ACE, your first 3 monthly fees are waived. This is to enable you to get settled in and set up to earn the 20M+ ratting ticks you will see in less than an hour 0.0 ratting!

* Corp dues (30m per player) are currently suspended until further notice

Recruitment Information
Use the in-game "A-C-E Pub" channel to see our current recruitment status and to chat with a recruiter.

We will want to know:

  • Who referred you
  • Your skill point total
  • Ships you own and fly
  • Your recent PvP experience and who you have flown with before
  • What your main focus is and what you would like to do in A-C-E
  • How active you are (hours active / days active) and your timezone

Should you apply, please take the time to do it right. Talk to a recruiter first. We will not accept one word applications (nor do we require your app to be in book form), "so-and-so said I could join" or many attempts at getting working APIs.

Use this link to get a full API to apply with:

Give the API ID a name, check the no-expiry box, and click Submit. Do not change anything else with the API created. Then send us the API ID and Verification Code for final checking.


  • Vikari (US)
  • Tearhart (US)
  • Malprax (US)
  • Jahn Ntago (AU / Lead Recruiter)